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Art Crush is a multidisciplinary project created in 2013, combining visual arts, instrumental music and dance together.

Art Crush has its home base in Montreal, with a gallery space in NDG. The ensemble also curates and exhibits art shows related to its theme of ‘the body in space’ and ‘live mark-making as documentation’.

In performance
The Art Crush collaboration is an invitation to experience a repertoire of music through the prism of various art forms. It¬† can be described as an on-stage visual ‘transmission’ of mood and emotions from one artistic discipline to another and back again, forming a chain reaction or cycle of inspiration.

In June 2016 Art Crush travelled to the Maritimes for performances and filming with Noncerto. The ensemble collaborated with local Fredericton and Maritime musicians and artists to interpret works by Canadian composers. In 2017 the ensemble performed at the Salle Bourgie Hall in the Musee des beaux-arts, Montreal, with innovative Baroque group Ensemble Caprice.

In exhibition
“How can visual art practices record and conserve the movement of the human body in space? Art Crush in Time focuses on the performative nature of mark making. Through the exploration of a variety of notational systems in painting, sculptureand performance, the exhibition informs a corporeal understanding of human movement in places.

The pieces selected reveal an emotional analysis of the dialogue between the body and the spatial constructions around it. By offering an intimate experience to the viewer, some artworks also visualize how built environments contain and direct behaviour in public social spaces. The gallery is thus presented as a liminal place seeking a balance between individual constructivism, mark-making as a recording device, and the shared space.”
-Avery Zhao-Djokic & Marie Lemieux


Art Crush Ensemble, Marc Djokic, Avery Zhao-Djokic, Richard Reed ParryArt Crush, Avery Zhao-Djokic, Marc Djokic

Music_Dance_Visual Arts